Sunday, 2 August 2020

40 hadith on women

This hadith compilation attempts to answer the most important questions women have about hadith. There are so many hadith that we could have added but here we wanted to add specific ones to clarify certain points that are commonly misunderstood. We compiled the hadith in 2015 and finally this year have we added commentary to complete the text. This text should not be used to chastise men. Rather, it should be used for us to look again at hadith, realise the intricacies in them, and understand them more clearly. I have also added articles from Sheikhy Notes that are about women.

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Hadith One: Best character
Hadith Two: Give charity
Hadith Three: Hajj is a struggle for women
Hadith Four: Fatimah (may Allah be pleased with her)
Hadith Five: Do not despise each other
Hadith Six: Take your religion from the learned
Hadith Seven: Belief in judgement
Hadith Eight: Related by faith
Hadith Nine: Best men
Hadith Ten: Perfect faith
Hadith Eleven: Rib hadith explained
Hadith Twelve: Female leadership
Hadith Thirteen: Mothers
Hadith Fourteen: Best to their families
Hadith Fifteen: Fear Allah (the Exalted)
Hadith Sixteen: Best of
Hadith Seventeen: Pleased with his wife
Hadith Eighteen: Are women in Hell forever?
Hadith Nineteen: Married for...
Hadith Twenty: Marry for religion
Hadith Twenty One: Low bride price
Hadith Twenty Two: Best thing in the world
Hadith Twenty Three: Marriage of more than one woman
Hadith Twenty Four: Rights of women
Hadith Twenty Five: Looking after daughters
Hadith Twenty Six: Sacrifice of a mother
Hadith Twenty Seven: Looking after womenfolk
Hadith Twenty Eight: Looking after daughters
Hadith Twenty Nine: Being a mercy to one's family
Hadith Thirty: Backup
Hadith Thirty One: Best
Hadith Thirty Two: Reasons for fear
Hadith Thirty Three: Rights over each other
Hadith Thirty Four: Expenditure is mandatory
Hadith Thirty Five: Women cannot marry each other
Hadith Thirty Six: Do not resemble men
Hadith Thirty Seven: Praying unknown
Hadith Thirty Eight: Reward for manumission
Hadith Thirty Nine: Prostration hadith
Hadith Forty: The in-laws are death
Hadith Forty One: Most harmful tribulation
Hadith Forty Two: The character of the blessed Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him)
Women and witnessing
Disempowerment of men
Can women visit graves?
Treatment of women
How the Prophet ﷺ treated women
The Reward of Women in Paradise
Hijab in the modern context
Fear of the Hijab in the West
Our way of life and the Niqab

This book should not be missed by feminists!