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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Abu Hanifah giving the benefit of the doubt

We often witness people who are quick to judge each other. Yet this is not part of Islamic history as even the books of jurisprudence give Muslims the benefit of the doubt. But does this happen now? The answer is a resounding no but look at Imam Abu Hanifah’s reaction to the statements made by this man:

The Imam (Abu Hanifah), may Allah show him mercy, was asked by a man, “I do not hope for paradise, I do not fear hell, I do not fear Allah the Exalted, I eat the dead, I pray without recitation, bowing or prostration, I testify to that which I do not see and I love tribulation.”

His students said, “The matter of this man is a problem.”

The Imam said, “This man hopes in Allah not in paradise, he fears Allah not the fire, he does not fear oppression from Allah the Exalted in his punishment, he eats fish and grasshoppers, he prays the funeral prayer, he testifies to the oneness of Allah, he detests death and this is truth and he loves wealth and children, they are tribulation.”

The man arose and kissed the Imams head and said, “I testify that you are a treasury of knowledge.”

Al-Ashbah Al-Nazahir by Ibn Nujam (may Allah show him mercy).

This is not just a story for you to praise Allah. This is a real event in which you should practice giving the benefit of the doubt. But who will? And how we are in dire need of this now.