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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Khowla bint of Al-Azwar

Khowla daughter of Al-Azwar became a heroine when her brother Dirar was taken prisoner by the Romans. She disguised herself as a horseman then took a position in the rows of the fighters in the battle of Ajnadien. (in Palestine in the fourteenth year after migration).

During the most intense fighting the Muslims saw a veiled horseman, who they could only see his eyes, riding a large horse with a spear in hand; attacking the Roman infantry like a raging fire. Thus causing the cavalry to displace and killing the soldiers. She caused such havoc that the people thought it was Khalid ibn Walid (may Allah show him mercy).

Suddenly, the people saw Khalid and their astonishment grew. Then they asked him who the veiled horseman was. He replied, “I am more astonished than you about the bravery of this horseman.”

Then Khalid cried out to the army, “O’ soldiers attack with the veiled horseman.” Then they attacked with them; broke the ranks of the enemy and gained victory.

When the veiled horseman came out at the end of the battle he was surrounded by the Muslim soldiers and asked, “Who could you be, O’ brave soldier?” but their perplexity increased when the veiled horseman turned away without answering. Then Khalid came and asked, “Who are you, O’ veiled hero? Reveal yourself to us. You have moved the hearts of the people and my heart through your actions. Who are you?”

When Khalid insisted, the horseman answered saying, “I do not wish to display myself to you O’ leader except out of my shyness towards you. I am Khowla daughter of Al-Azwar, Darar’s sister who was captured by the polytheists."

Khalid shouted, “Bless you O’ daughter of Al-Azwar. No army will be defeated with the like of you in it!”

Later she and the Muslims freed her brother from the Romans. More information can be found out about her in Famous Muslim Women Cd set by Dr Umar Abdullah Farooq.

Source page 76-77 Silsila ta’lim Al-loghat Al-Arabiyya, Al-Musawa Al-Thalitha, Kitab Al-Qiraat

Translation by arfan shah